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13th Macedonian Film Festival

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A NAME IS A NAME (Θμε ρθ ε θμε) - A Film about a Nation Held Hostage Because of Its Name

World Premiere

Opening night film. To reserve your tickets contact us.
Advance tickets only for opening night. Tickets will not be sold at the door.

Released: 2009 - Macedonia, Norway (Languages: English, Macedonian with subtitles)
Duration: 50 minutes
Classification: Documentary

Director: Sigurjon Einarsson
Writer: Sigurjon Einarsson and Jason Miko
Producers: Jason Miko

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 Soundtrack (mp3) - A Song by Morten Harket

Synopsis: A cross between a documentary and a feature film, A Name is a Name is instead, a classic 'road film', made largely on the proverbial and literal road over a period of seven months in the Republic of Macedonia. At its heart, the film is about a group of people who call themselves Macedonians and what it means to them to be known as such.
The story line is that of a Scandinavian man who comes to Macedonia, rents a motorcycle, and travels around the country talking to Macedonians from all classes and backgrounds. The traveler, as he is known, never speaks on camera and in fact, we never learn his name or what country he hails from (in reality, the traveler is portrayed by director Sigurjon Einarsson). Instead, his thoughts are conveyed through Sir Andrew Motion with subtitles in English for the interviews. Sigurjon Einarsson Interspersed throughout the conversations will be Macedonia itself – the stunning landscapes and scenery that make up this gentle country and ancient land. Places and points of interest – monasteries and mosques, historical and archeological sites, towns, little hamlets and cities, lakes and mountains – that make Macedonia what it has been and what it is today. All these will be artfully woven into the narrative.
Musical tracks donated by Macedonian and internationally known artists will be artfully woven throughout the entire production.

Director: Sigurjon Einarsson was born in Iceland but has now lived in Norway for the last 22 years. He has made numerous TV programs and documentary films, as well as over 300 TV commercials and music videos and his 25 years of filmmaking has taken him around the world. In addition to his filmmaking, Sigurjon has been involved with the music industry and he has worked closely with Morten Harket for the past 18 years. Sigurjon was involved in the East Timor struggle for independence and produced a film about that sad story. As he finishes his film about the Macedonian fight for rights he is moving along with two new documentary films - about people and stories that need a spotlight.

Jason Miko
Producer: Jason Miko has an eclectic background in accounting, public relations, lobbying, politics, economic development, international development and NGOs but labels himself a writer since he spends much of his time doing that.
An Arizona native by birth and Hungarian by ethnicity by half, Jason has spent 20 years involved in the Balkans and Washington, DC working with a number of private sector firms and organizations in a variety of capacities.
His travel to 49 countries around the world and extensive time spent living in two has taught him to be patient, learn as much as possible about other cultures, know his history, have fun along the way and leave a lasting and positive impact.
Jason graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration degree from the University of Arizona in Tucson in 1988. He enjoys reading, creative writing, music, travel, geo-political discussions, fine wine, craft beer, swimming and running.

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