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13th Macedonian Film Festival

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  Wolves' Night ( )

Released: 1955 - Macedonia
Duration: 83 minutes
Classification: Feature film
Genre: War film

Director: France Shtiglic
Screenplay: Slavko Janevski
Leading Roles: Petre Prlichko, Ilija Dzuvalekovski, Dragi Krstevski Amfi, Dragomir Felba, Saveta Malinska, Trajko Chorevski

Synopsis: A night in the mountains in that parts of Macedonia which is under Bulgarian occupation. Another offensive aimed at rendering partisan action impossible. The partisans face a possible attack. The company leaves the region leaving a group of a dozen to cover their withdrawal. The group led by Bozhin, has the task of holding its position for some three hours and then re-joining the company at rendezvous known only to their leader. The partisans have only a couple of bullets each and the enemy is close at hand. Bozhin goes to on reconnaissance. Time passes and he doesn't return. The partisans don't know whether to stay put or to go. A Bulgarian reconnaissance unit runs into them and in the brief combat the old man Paun is killed. Now it becomes impossible to remain in this position and the partisan group sets out in search of their company. Bozhin, who has been captured by the Bulgarians, manages to escape but in the spot where he had left his companions, he finds only the old man's body. The nightmare begins with the group wandering through a bitter night in which the snow, the wind the Bulgarian pursuit are of equal danger to both their lives and the spiritual integrity of the group of partisans. It ends with the deaths of Blagoja and Stane, the hanging of Vela, one of the partisans and of a peasant woman who has given her shelter in the village by the Bulgarian troops. The latter is Bozhine. Marko, the sole survivor of the group, wanders across the mountain pursued by a pack of wolves. He is saved by his companions from the company. Bozhin is then depicted caring his son in his arms. It is day once more and the company is asleep. Only Bozhin and Marko are awake, attempting to solve the dilemmas left in the wake of the previous night.
1955 FYFF, Pula, Silver Arena for the film
1955 FYFF, Pula, Golden Arena for screenplay / Slavko Janevski

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