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13th Macedonian Film Festival

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  Times, Waters (, )

Released: 1980 - Macedonia
Duration: 139 minutes
Classification: Feature film
Genre: Social film

Director: Branko Gapo Ivanovski
Screenplay: Jovan Strezovski
Leading Roles: Petre Prlichko, Boris Dvornik, Meto Jovanovski, Milan Shtrljic, Petar Arsovski, Dushko Kostovski, Nenad Milosavljevic, Shishman Angelovski, Lidija Pletl

Synopsis: The film describes the life-story of Petar Chushko and his peasant-fellows from the village Sushevo that is fatefully connected with troubles related to the lack of water, so necessary for the survival. Blessed by the priest the peasants of Sushevo change the course of the river and steal the water of the neighbour village Kamenovo. A fight follows it between the peasants of both villages accompanied by their priests. For disturbing the peace the peasants are being taken to court. The judge is so corrupt that he will pronounce a verdict in favour of those peasants who will pay more. So, the peasants of Kamenovo get the water. On the other hand, in Sushevo, the troubles with water are so bad that as there is no water at all in the village the peasants refuse to pay the tax for water. A peasant Petar Chushko, a miller without water in his mill, is among them. The peasants are going to protest in Struga, in front of the city administrative office, but they are stopped and dispersed by the policemen at the very outset of their trip, at the exit to the village. The village crier announces the news about the assassination of the king and about all honour on that occasion. On the contrary, the teacher uses this occasion to speak about Russia and the revolution. 194O, there is a typhus epidemic in the village. A lot of people die, among whom are plenty of children. Although the last springs have dried the peasants suffer for water, the local policeman collects money as a tax for drinking water. The peasants pray to God and carry out some pagan customs to try and get water. The peasant Petar Chushko feeling unable to provide any water, together with his sons comes into conflict with the peasants of Kamenovo. During this attack one of his sons is killed. In these moments of terrible his last child, his only daughter is born. The crier announces general mobilization. The men join the army. The events happen very fast. The Yugoslav government renders and the policemen leave the village. On the other hand the men return home. Days of Italian occupation follow. The Italian officer orders that the water belong to the inhabitants of Sushevo. So the water mill starts working again. The mill becomes a place from which a lot of peasants join the partisans. After a fight with the partisans, Italian fascist detachments come into the village. They massacre the peasants among who is Petar's Chushko son, who is in the village quite accidentally. The partisans are late and they don't succeed to save the inhabitants. The day of liberation comes. It is one more tragic day for Chushko. He gets the news of his another death. The problem of water supply still exists and the new authorities have to solve it. They decide to deliver the water in turns of three days for each village. Petar Chushkos last son appears unexpectedly in the village announcing the news of his marriage to the daughter of Chushko's greatest enemy of Kamenovo. After a quarrel his son Teofil leaves the village forever. The new authorities decide to build a reservoir, accommodation lake, on the site of the two villages. The peasants are asked to move in the town or in to the new houses near the lake. Chushko remains alone in his determination resist this decision. He retires to a summer pasture, high in the mountains. The dam over the accumulation is built. The village disappears in the water. On a cliff, high over the lake, Petar Chushko is watching the valley fill with water. He can not endure to be defeated and so, his final solution is to jump in the lake.

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