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13th Macedonian Film Festival

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  A Weekend of Deceased Persons ( )

Released: 1988 - Macedonia
Duration: 94 minutes
Classification: Feature / Comedy

Director: Kole Angelovski
Screenplay: Mile Popovski
Leading Roles: Vladimir Angelovski - Dadi, Blagoja Chorevski, Djordji Jolevski, Dimche Meshkovski, Goce Todorovski

Synopsis: The film is about an absurd situation where because of the impatience of an employee at the hospital, the corpses of the dead patients are replaced on delivery and the families get another different corpse, so that they start searching for their own lost family members. Tase Stoparevski, a clerk from the city of Prilep, becomes a widower for the second time. His wife Kata dies in hospital in Skopje. The corpse is taken by Tase's son from his previous marriage. He byes the most expensive coffin and together with the corpse lifts it onto the roof rack of his small car, named "ficho". Meanwhile, Tase expecting the recovery of his wife hires two house painters to decorate his house. The house painters, who do their private business during the work-hours, come to his house and start working. Also, the soldier Vladimir the boyfriend of Tase and Katas daughter Mica, arrives at the house, as well as Mica and all other relatives who are expecting the arrival of the coffin with the dead body of Kata. During an argument between the house painters and the people present, Tase arrives and pays the house painters. They leave for Pretor expecting another job there. Soon, Tase's director and his secretary arrive to express their condolences. Tase's brother returns as the funeral is scheduled for 12 o'clock, as there are a lot for burying. The director uses his connections to enable the funeral to take place at any time. The church-bells are ringing. Tase's next-door neighbor has the wedding of his only son. Therefore, they agree their ceremonies should go on alternately, by turns of 15 minutes. The coffin with Kata arrives. According to the customs, the relatives want to wash the corpse and so they discover that Kata is not in the coffin, but some other person. After calling the hospital in Skopje, Tase finds out that his dead wife has been delivered to Klime in Ohrid. Tase and Klime arrange meeting on Djavato, where they are to exchange their dead bodies. On Djavato it is chaos. There, the families from Prilep and Ohrid meet, as well as the two house painters and two German female hitchhikers. The house painters come to the conclusion that the families are making bargain with human organs from the dead for transplant. After opening the coffins, the family from Ohrid also discovers that their dead grandmother Zora is not in the coffin either, and so they leave with their coffin empty. Tase remains with the two female dead dies. Desperately he promises his dead wife Kata that he will find all the dead and wandering women, and she will be buried with great pomp and escort.

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